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Contested Divorce -  A contested divorce generally occurs when the parties are unable to agree on at least one issue. The issues can be related to child custody or a division of assets.  It is very important to have an experienced divorce lawyer aggressively fight for your rights while keeping legal fees to a minimum.  Mr. Josefsberg does this with his ability to strike a fair deal with the other side and his ability to litigate an issue when the other side is not being reasonable.  In addition, Mr. Josefsberg's special tax training gives you the advantage when it's time to divide assets.  Click Here for a free quote on your contested divorce.  

Mediation - Mr. Josefsberg is a trained mediator and takes pride on getting the most difficult cases to settle.  A mediator is neutral and does not advocate for either party.  Rather, Mr. Josefsberg fosters a settlement to keep the parties out of court.  Settlement reduces legal fees for the parties, speeds up the divorce process, and gives everyone a sense of finality.  Most courts require mediation before final trial and some courts require mediation prior to temporary orders.  The fee for a 4-hour mediation is $300 per party on weekdays and $350 per party on weekends.  If your lawyer uses this website to schedule a mediation, each party gets a $50 discount.

Uncontested Divorce - An uncontested divorce occurs when the parties are able to reach an agreement on all of the terms and conditions of their divorce.  All child related issues and property division issues must be agreed.  The flat-fee for an uncontested divorce starts at $1,000 plus court costs for an uncontested divorce with no children and no property.  Click Here if you would like a free quote for your uncontested divorce.

Alimony - There are two types of alimony in Texas.  There is temporary spousal support and there is spousal maintenance.  Temporary spousal support is granted to one party while the divorce is pending.  Spousal maintenance is granted to one party for a period of time after the divorce is finalized.  Both types of alimony are highly technical and Mr. Josefsberg has a vast amount of experience in both areas.

Enforcement of Court Orders - Enforcement of family court orders is quasi-criminal in nature because a party that violates the order can go to jail.  We all know about the deadbeats going to jail for non-payment of child support.  Many people do not know that parents can go to jail for denying the other parent's visitation rights or other obligations.  An offending party can go to jail, be put on probation, get fined, and be ordered to pay the other party's attorney fees.  In some cases, the violations may give rise to a basis for a change in custody.  

Modification of Family Court Orders - It is very common for life circumstances to change over time making a custody & visitation order unworkable for parents or children.  Texas allows modifications to custody, visitation, child support, and many other issues when there is a material and substantial change in the circumstances of a parent or a child.  

Custody - Custody of children can sometimes be the most challenging cases.  Generally, a custody battle can arise during a divorce, when unmarried parents part ways, or when another person (usually grandparents) have standing to seek conservatorship of a child.  Mr. Josefsberg has handled many custody cases and prides himself on finding creative solutions to difficult issues.  

Visitation - Visitation in Texas is usually called "possession periods."  Sometimes parents can agree on which parent will be the primary custodial parent and can't agree on the visitation schedule for the other parent.  This is a common issue, especially when one parent's employment, or a child's extracurricular activities interfere with a normal routine.